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Vault Doors/Day Gate

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100 Series Vault Doors are produced to exacting standards combining quality craftsmanship and advanced materials.  This combination, along with our commitment to excellence, results in the premier security products available today.


Timeless Design  

You'll appreciate the simple, uncluttered lines of this door.  The front of the door presents a clean, modern appearance and distinctive syling that will complement any type of interior design.  It projects a feeling of elegance…from the polished stainless steel finish to the striking black and stainless operating wheel.  The back of the vault door represents a unique approach to vault door design.  A courtesy light, time lock and emergency ventilator with pass-through are all conveniently located on the rear of the door.  All exposed surfaces (including the jamb, hinges and locking bar) are satin finish stainless steel.

A stainless steel floor mounted door stop is standard.


Quality Construction

Only the highest quality materials and workmanship go into the 100 Series Vault Door.  The 37" wide x 80" high clear vestibule opening allows easy access.  The flat door sill allows easy movement in and out of the vault. The vestibule is fabricated from the same high security materials as the door, adding strength to the overall integrity of the vault.


Sleek & Secure Daygate

The daygate is designed with a four-sided frame holding tinted, impact resistant acrylic panels with hardware for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The frame of the daygate is mounted on the rear of the vestibule for 180 degree swing.


Personal Safety

One of the unique features of the 100 Series Vault Door is the emergency vault ventilator.  It provides life-saving air, should anyone be confined within the vault. The ventilator is an integral part of the door maximizing usable interior wall space. The ventilator is illuminated and requires only a simple turn to activate and allow fresh air from outside the vault to enter.  A passageway in the system permits articles to be passed to anyone inside the vault in case of a lock-in.



The 100 Series Vault Doors feature a full-length locking bar.  The locking bar is secured in the unlocked position to prevent accidental lock-in of customers and/or employees.  A special back-up system eliminates the possibility of the locking bar being thrown, unless the door is closed. When the door is closed, the hinge side fixed locking bar engages.  Turning the operating wheel wedges the locking bar into the jamb of the vestibule, providing total "deadbolt" vertical locking action. A built in door contact alarm device adds even greater security to your vault installation.


Controlled Convenience

Dual four-tumbler combination locks for controlled access by one or more attendants.


User Friendly Time Lock

A three-movement, 144-hour manual time lock is standard equipment.  The time lock is located at a comfortable reading height and allows the vault door operator to verify that the time lock is properly engaged before scattering the combination locks.


Practical Installation

The 100 Series Vault Doors are an excellent solution for vault security when installed with American Vault Corporation's U.L. Listed Modular Vault System (MVS). The 100 Series Vault Doors are designed for the Modular Vault System.  It is installed without grout and does not require a pit for installation.


The 100 Series Vault Doors are Underwriter's Laboratory listed, Burglary Resistant in U.L. Ratings:

U.L. Class M One-Quarter Hour

U.L. Class 1 One-Half Hour

U.L. Class 2 One Hour

U.L. Class 3 Two Hour


100 Series Vault Door Drawings

Click on any of the drawings below to download and view.


Drawing 20084 DWG PDF - Model 100 Class M

Drawing 20085 DWG PDF - Model 101 Class 1

Drawing 20086 DWG PDF - Model 102 Class 2

Drawing 20087 DWG PDF - Model 102 Class 3

Drawing 20107 DWG PDF - Model 102-2000 Acrylic Daygate

Drawing 20113 DWG PDF - Model 102-2100 Rod Style Daygate

Drawing 20114 DWG PDF - Model 102-1800 Door Stop Assembly

Drawing 20115 DWG PDF - Install Kit, P/N 102-2200

Drawing 20139 DWG PDF - Model 100 Electric Strike Housing Assy.

Drawing 20152 DWG PDF - Model 100 Auto Close Hinge Kit

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