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Speaker System

Since 1976 Audio Authority® has designed and manufactured high quality audio and video merchandising equipment for consumer electronics retailers. Our experience with high fidelity audio has enabled us to produce intercom systems of the absolute highest quality available. Since 1982, we have designed, manufactured and serviced several versions of intercom systems that were distributed and sold through other companies. We now offer our own intercom products directly through a network of authorized OEMs, distributors, and dealers.

Audio Authority's new Series 1500 family of intercom products is the culmination of extensive research and our many years of experience in voice and video application requirements for contemporary communications between remote points.

Three basic products (Counter Stations, Lane Stations, and Hubs) can be grouped with accessories to form a robust communication system for drive-up bank and pharmacy lanes, fast food, distribution facilities, secure access and portal control, and many other communication and customer service applications.

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