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FileSafe evolved from a company founded in 1947 named Salina Office Supply. Salina Office Supply was rich with new products and technology for their time. They could supply the office of the day with equipment from Remington Rand, such as top of the line adding machines. In addition, they supplied the predecessor to today's Kardex Lektriever (an automated carousel filing system) and, of course, all the items that made an office efficient in the pre-computer era.

During the 1970's as big changes hit the office supply industry, the owners of Salina Office Supply had a vision spurred by the technology of Remington Rand. Rand had developed a dealer force throughout the country that was bringing significant efficiencies of the modern office not only to the metropolitan markets but also to the rural market of and around Salina. A knowledgeable, highly-trained sales force took to the road and supplied such products as the Lektriever, shelving, automated check filing for banks and file folder systems for everyone in the industry.

In the 1980's Remington Rand became Kardex Systems. Kardex made an even bigger commitment to their dealers with products, training and support. Salina Office Supply was gaining momentum with Kardex, as well as enhancing their lines of financial equipment and security systems. In step with these developments came an appropriate name change to SOS Business Systems by its new owners. One of the new owners was Greg Hindman, who is the principal owner of FileSafe today.

Through the 1990's SOS Business Systems became well known throughout the state of Kansas for not only their unique products but also for having a truly responsive and talented service department.

In 1999 Greg Hindman purchased the company now known as FileSafe and brought with him the top employees who were rich in experience and knowledge. FileSafe, ever-evolving, is today outfitting entire financial institutions with products such as remote drive-up systems, vaults, safe deposit boxes and building protection services. FileSafe has become the "go to" business for these products. Digital technology and FileSafe have bonded like no other in the region's financial business.

FileSafe has made the commitment to be a leader in the Financial Equipment, Filing, Shredding Systems and Building Protection Services. Check us out!

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